What got When I Taught Python for the First Time in 2019

My Initial Experience Teaching Python in 2019

In this article, I mentioned everything at the time when started to teach Python to my local area students and how I taught them. While teaching them I had an amazing experience with them that I shared with you.

I Taught Python for the First Time in 2019

You have to read this article from start to end if you are interested in teaching Python offline students. You have to remember something that I discussed in this post.

It was my GOAL to Teach Python

I am sharing only with you Guys first time about my goal. After learning Python I decided to teach such important and valuable language to students to make good careers in the future. Do you know why I decided to teach something?

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Because I have much experience in teaching different subjects for example science, math, chemistry, English, physics, and Computer science. Due to this reason, I decided to teach Python programming with proper coding examples with theoretical concepts.

Disappointment in Teaching Python

At first, I started to teach offline rather than online, you know that there is no high scope of teaching anything offline, especially programming subjects. Everyone wants to learn programming and digital skills online, but I started offline.

Due to this reason, I got some disappointment from students when I analyzed that there is no interest in students for learning programming. I became disappointed and decided to teach online. Now I have a million students enrolled from different countries.

Students Interested in Learning Python

After advertising when I started teaching Python language, different students took an interest in contacting me asking about the course. They want to know about course information, for example, what is the duration of the course, what we will learn in the course, what we will be able to do after this course, etc.

But they want to get only information not interested in enrollment. It is due to new things or new skills in our region that is why. Up to here, I was an interested student but 1,2 students who were interested in learning Python did not pay me for a monthly fee and left the class. So funny!

While Teaching: Disturbing MY Learning

This is another factor when I started teaching offline students because when a person teaches offline students it takes more time. For example preparing lectures, engaging with them, question answering, etc. Due to that reason, it wastes most of my time because I want to learn more about programming and AI.

No Placement, No Location, No Office

The very big issue was that I did not have any placement where I arranged the chairs for students and also no office to make some decorations for a good lookup. You know that these things are very important if you want to open any academy, school or any institute. Due to this reason, students also thought that we would not learn anything else who have no money to buy chairs, offices, etc.

What I got after teaching them

I got many things for example experience I got from them. I have cleared that no one can teach students offline if your student target is too much. If you have few students then start teaching offline or in a physical classroom otherwise online teaching is the best option.

In the table I have shown what I got after teaching Python for the first time, you can analyze the following things as I mentioned here.

Serial Number What Got
01 Python Knowledge
02 Teaching Style
03 Guru
04 Student Behavior
05 Motivation

Teaching offline is a major factor in wasting time. I recently left my job at city college due to wasting of time.

Sample Video for my Teaching Style on Udemy

This is the video In which I discussed about basics of Python Concepts in a short video. If you want to complete the course Python in 99 Days, you can request me in the comment box. This course will be a complete Python Course with Notes (PPT).

Future Planning for Teaching Python

I have created 30+ courses on Python programming and other languages but now focus on only Python to get more students and sales. I have searched on Udmey, then I concluded that Python is the top course which is bought by students.

Now I plan to create Python-related courses in the future like problem-solving, AI with Python, development, Advanced Python problems, etc. I am also thinking about building a physical institute where different students will learn Python programming language.


In this post, I shared a history about me when I started Python language to teach local students. All the experiences I shared in this post. You must read from start to end you will get experience knowledge and interest.

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Is it difficult to learn Python?

No, It is not difficult to learn Python programming if the instructor has much experience in teaching with real-world examples and coding examples. With learning Python you should have to practice writing code with your hand, then you can become a Python coder.

What Requirements to Learn Python?

There are no major requirements for Python to learn, just you need to have a laptop, IDE to write code, and an interest to learn.

Who is the Python instructor?

There are different instructors you can find, but Faisal Zamir (JafriCode owner) has more experience teaching Python programming with different examples and providing them with assignments for their practice.

Will Faisal Zamir provide notes for Python?

Yes, Faisal Zamir will provide you with Notes for any course, especially for Python language. Students can read notes to learn language fundamental concepts to insight into the language.

How can I access Faisal Zamir’s Python teaching videos?

It is easy to get Faisal Zamir’s Python courses, just visit this link where you will get all his programming courses.

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