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Meet Faisal Zamir: Your Python Programming Mentor

Hi, I am Faisal Zamir, a Master in Computer Science from Qurtuba University Peshawar, Pakistan. I have more than 6 years of teaching online as well as offline. I have taught in Udmey.com, Eduonix.com, Tutorialspoint.com, and Learnfly.com. I would like to be happy to share my total student enrollment which is more than 500,000.

Faisal Zamir Udemy Instructor

As I know Programming and web, especially, Python programming, due to that, I decided to create a blog in which I will comprehensively share Python tutorials with examples.

Why Python, You Ask?

I focus on Python programming because it is the most used and famous programming language. Already I have shared a post about why I selected Python programming to teach and where I learned it. For the first time who guided me about Python programming everything I share with you on this blog.

What to Expect from Our Blog?

Do you know which type of content you will get from this blog? You will get Python-related content like tutorials, course information, tips and tricks, and artificial intelligence technology that is used with Python. There are different webinars I conducted to aware of such great and beneficial programming with students, that webinars details I publish them on this blog.

Interesting about Faisal Zamir (me)

I started my programming journey in 2014 when I learned HTML first time from Pakistani YouTuber Abdul Wali. He was a great instructor and experience in his programming field. I learned a lot from them related to programming web design and development, also SEO.

In 2018, joined the college to teach chemistry subject, but after that when I completed my MCS in 2020, regularly I started to teach only computer science and programming. In 2021, created a JafriCode which provides different programming web video courses as well as it is a blog that shares the programming tech’s knowledge.

You can join easily me on YouTube (“Python Pro Support“) where I upload different courses for students free of cost.

Here is my sample video lecture you can watch to understand more about my latest course, which I have completed right now.

Happy coding,

Faisal Zamir