Amazing: Preparing for a LIVE Python Webinar in January 2024 

Getting Ready for a January 2024 LIVE Python Webinar

In this post, I will share about the webinar that I am conducting for students that is free of cost. I have explained everything about this live Python webinar that will be conducted in January 2024.

LIVE Python Webinar

You know that I am Faisal Zamir conducting this webinar for beginner students who are looking for live classes to get knowledge about new skills, careers, earning methods, and other important discussions.

Why need to Conduct a LIVE Python webinar?

I felt that it was necessary to conduct a live webinar in which I teach Python Programming. As you know some students want to learn but any specific platform is unavailable. If there are available platforms they do not provide live communion with the instructor. In the webinar, there will be live communication with students. They can ask live questions and get answers.

Why do you need to attend this webinar?

Serial Number To Get
01 Python Knowledge
02 Experience
03 Coding Business Ideas
04 Community
05 Question Answer

There are other needs I felt, for example, no one can join a Physical webinar due to far away distance, no money, no resources, etc. Due to these reasons, I conducted a live webinar for students.

Requirements for Students in this Webinar

Especially there are no high requirements just you need to take courage to attend this webinar. But you should have some interest in learning a new skill like Python programming and you should have your mobile or laptop.

For practical you should have a Laptop that will be professional and show that you are serious about learning programming.

How to join this webinar?

It is very easy to join our community where I will share a link with all my members they will join. You did not need to register yourself on the website or another long registration form etc.

Just I will share a WhatsApp group link you have to join that group only. In that group, I shared important things and a live class link.

After the webinar what are students able to do?

As you know this webinar is about learning Pythion programming with different other things that I would be happy to share with you. These are the following things I will share in the live class and you will get them at the end of this webinar.

  • Python fundamental concepts
  • Python Career
  • Python Question Answer
  • Python Free Course
  • Support

Why I selected Python in a live webinar

As you know I am teaching on Udemy which is a Python language, I created a YouTube channel to teach Python. Now I have conducted a webinar to teach Python. Why I selected it. There are different reasons I prefer it that are mentioned in the following.

  • Python syntax is understandable with easy syntax
  • It has a community of senior developers to solve different issues
  • Its enriched libraries are Open source with proper documentation
  • Python libraries used easily in AI-based system

Previous Python Webinar Recorded Video

If you are interested in watching our previous webinar you can see this video. This webinar was conducted 1 year ago for those students who were willing to learn Python and also for Python course enrollment. Here is a video where you can analyze the environment as well as our teaching style.

Updated: Conducted webinar as mentioned

This section I am writing this after conducting my Python webinar. This webinar was my first experience on YouTube with different students with different levels of Python language, some of them having 0 experience in Python.

I started to share my webinar goals, and purpose with a recording and then published it on the same YouTube channel. I got positive feedback from students as they watched offline by downloading (maybe) because that webinar was published. Now I am getting messages from a student to conduct another webinar, so when I arrange a time I will conduct the next webinar.

Next Webinar! Please join

Every time we host a webinar, including Python webinars, we ensure to keep our students updated. Join our WhatsApp and Facebook groups for details on timing, platform, webinar goals, and more! Stay informed and connected with us.


In this article, I discussed webinars in detail. I shared what you will get from this webinar for example Python fundamentals, career discussion, questions answering, etc. You must attend this webinar because it is free of cost and easy to register, just join the WhatsApp group.

Have you joined any webinars in your life?

Would you like to Join this Webinar?

Answer Please!


Who is the conductor for this webinar?

Faisal Zamir is the conductor for this webinar as he has experience teaching in different schools and colleges. Also, he has online experience to teach.

Who is the Faisal Zamir?

Faisla Zamir is an online instructor and a programmer having much experience in teaching. Their course has a million enrollments in different courses from different countries.

Will Faisal Zamir teach complete Python?

Yes, he can teach complete Python, because already he has taught Python advanced programming, Pandas, Numpy, Excel with Python, etc. In his courses, there are a million enrollments.

Will Faisal Zamir provide lifetime support?

Yes, when you enroll in this paid course you will be able to ask any questions. it is free of cost for a lifetime.

Will it be every month of the year?

No, when we need to conduct a webinar we will announce it in our official WhatsApp group. But it may be when I got requests from students to conduct a webinar on a specific topic.

Is this Python Webinar free?

Yes. This webinar is free of cost to everyone. There is no fee for registration, class, or study materials, totally free.

Updated! Has this webinar been conducted?

As this webinar was conducted, there were different students who participated in this webinar to learn Python, I can also share that webinar link. You can watch this complete webinar and share with your friends! Python webinar Link

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