iWebClass was the First Python Academy in 2017

iWebClass History with full of Interest!

The a very interesting secret I want to share in this post today. I never discussed this decision now I am sharing it with you. Please read it carefully and get some lessons from this discussion. This is not the only discussion, it is about iWebClass academy that was launched in 2017 and now what is its status and size, and which type of work is done in this academy.

iwebclass academy

Different related questions have also been shared with you, for example, where it’s the physical office, the founder’s name, complete history, new status, and behind-the-scenes. different secret I shared with you.

Do you know about iWebClass?

This is the shared question I want to ask you, whether you want to know about iWebClass or have listed about this academy? If not I want to discuss it with you.  But I want to hear from you, if you have any type of information please share it with me in the comment section.

DO YOU know iwebclass

Would you like to share any info about iWebClass? PLEASE MENTION THIS IN THE COMMENT SECTION.

Who suggest me this name: iWebClass

When I was thinking about developing a web academy where I would teach programming and web-related courses, I got many names from different resources like friends, etc. But I focused on web class which is why I mentioned simply i with webclass in which web-related courses will be discussed in class. But when I put ‘i’ before WebClass, it has no meaning and no proper reason to put this character.

Purpose of iWebClass to launch

In this section, I want to share some main purposes of this academy. Actually, for the first, I aim to create an academy where I will teach web design, web development, WordPress, SEO, and PHP programming.

After some time I decided to launch iWebClass academy in my city, it was in 2017 when I took classes with some students teaching them about HTML basic structure. After that student interest was very poor due to some reason (I will share when you ask me).

Here is the Table in which you can analyze iWebClass’s purposes:

Serial Number iWebClass Purpose
01 Coding Awareness
02 Notes Providing
03 Technology Awareness
04 Question Answering
05 Webinars
06 Problem-Solving

Another purpose of the academy is to produce Notes with related subjects to learn easily from notes just reading. Different students take an interest but some do not.

In that situation, it was very difficult for me to arrange students and be aware of the of coding importance because they want to make money online only without doing anything more.

In short, my purpose was to teach them, students’ purpose was to earn money without learning!

Why destroy iWebClass Academy?

As I mentioned, there are different problems and no convenient way between me and the students. There are some differences in the purpose of learning coding. Actually, in those days, I was very excited and excited to join any community to learn to code and teach programming, etc. But unfortunately no such environment for me!

Other people guided me to continue this academy but due to my education and university classes I decided to destroy temporarily iWebClass. And also another reason for students is a lack of interest and poor confidence in programming learning,  I did this.

Student interest in iWebClass

Haha! Very interesting, already I have mentioned that their program was only online without learning. However, I aim to teach students properly with coding examples and want to share all the knowledge I have. But unfortunately, they cannot understand what they have to do.

Due to a lack of understanding and no proper guide, they left my academy and joined other communities which they provided only earning methods without any proper skills.

Its founder saying about his academy

Faisal Zamir was the founder of this Academy. My name is Faisal Zamir also a writer of this blog. It was very difficult for me and I was disappointed when I decided to leave and close the academy temporarily.

My goal is to guide and be aware of the coding and programming skills in our villages and cities. But unfortunately, I cannot achieve such.

But I continue to search for how to teach students not limited to only our village, there are many other students also who are looking for mentors. I tried different methods to teach online like Udemy etc.

The interesting about changing from iWebClass to a new one, I have mentioned the below section!

iWebClass changed to JafriCode

Very very interesting discussion in this section, because iWebClass changed to another name! But which name???

After the disappointment from students, I didn’t stop learning and finding the best way to work on coding and teaching coding to students.

Finally, I decided to change the brand to JafriCode (Jafri is my nickname and code means my code). It was my success to change the brand and also move from local students to online students. I joined the Udemy platform to create different courses to teach online. I felt happy when I got half a million enrolled in 2 to 3 years, teaching them web and programming.

JafriCode Birth another Academy PythonProSupport

I did not stop my research to find more best way and extend my academy. That is why I decided to create a separate academy for Python teaching because I learned Python from my professor’s guide.

Python Pro Support academy

For that reason, I created PythonProSupport academy to share Python-related knowledge with students. I have subscribers from YouTube + Udemy.

Are you interested in our Academy?

After reading my complete discussion and history behind the iWebClass, what have you got? What is your interest in our academy that provides programming and web tutorials.? If you are willing to join us, we have a group where we discuss on different topic about learning!


In this post, I discussed in detail iWebClass, and its up and down when I got in 2017. I mentioned why I changed from iWebClass to JafriCode and JafriCode sub-branch is the PythonProSupport. Their main aim is the same: to teach programming and the web to the whole world of students.

Would you like to know more about iWebClass, that is soo funney?


Who was the owner of iWebClass ?

Faisal Zamir is the owner of iWebClass but it was changed into JafriCode which is currently owned by Faisal Zamir.

Still, iWebClass is present?

Yes, but the owner changed its name to JafriCode. JafriCode provides programming and web-related courses, articles tutorials, etc for students all over the world.

What is the new name of iWebClass?

JafriCode is the new name of iWebClass, JafriCode sub-branch is the PythonProSupport, which provides only Ptyhon-related information to students.

How old iWebClass?

iWebClass was invented in 2017 with no office, no physical location, with no chairs for students.

Where iWebClass physical office?

No specific office for iWebClass. Its owner changed its physical location or office many times. But there were no personal and specific offices for iWebClass.

Will it provide a Certificate?

Yes, our courses are available on Udemy, and students learn with us and get certificates at the end of the completion course.

What courses were offered at iWebClass?

There are different courses offered by iWebClass like Python programming web designing, web development, PHP, Csharp, C++, C, Java, etc. We also offer certificates at the end of course completion.

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