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Python ONE Day Course on Udemy

Welcome to my course description, because here I have discussed everything about Python. course on Udemy. There are different courses on Udemy you can enroll, ent. However, this course is unique over others due to its unique features that I have already discussed in this article.

Python Course on Udemy with Faisal Zamir

You should know, that Faisal Zamir is the instructor for this course and has much experience in teaching. (Actually, I am Faisal Zamir).

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Read the complete description bout the course in detail your concept will be clear and you will be able to decide whether you have to take this course or not.

Introduction to Course Instructor

I am a writer of this blog and an instructor as a programmer, I am teaching online many students who come from different countries. This course was created for that student who wants to learn Python programming in one day, as you know, everyone is busy and wants to new skills and earn money rapidly.

Faisal Zamir Udemy Instructor from Pakistan

If I share my education, I (Faisal Zamir) have a master’s in computer science from Qurtua University with a 4GPA. I created many courses in different styles this is more unique to learning programming with practical and theoretical concepts with examples.

What you can do after this course?

Here I will share different things you will achieve after this course, as thousands of students are enrolled in this course to understand how to write code in Python properly.  When you complete this course in proper sequence (one by one) surely do the following achievement you will have.

1. Enrollment into advanced course

After this course, there are several courses, that are advanced Python programming, in which you will be able to enroll.

Advanced python programming by faisal zamir on udemy

Because you can’t enroll in advanced Python programming although you have cleared fundamental concepts. so learn the basics and then advance.

2. Able to solve problems

In this course, there are different things I have issued to writing code in Python and different examples I shared with you.

You will be able to solve different real-world problems after this course. You should know the importance of Problem-solving with coding, when you understand that with coding, like Python, we can solve difficult problems with it to save time. There are different topics discussed in the Python course as for loop, functions, data types, input-output, and other basic concepts.

3. Learning other lagnauges

You know that every programming language has the same concept, same output, and same input, but their change in the structure of syntax.

other programming languages courses by faisal zamir

What are rules and regulations while writing code in any programming language is different. You can learn any programming language after this course as it has easier syntax than others like C++.

4. Understanding fundamental concepts of Python

Due to the day course, in time you will clear the basic concepts of Python as loops, functions, data structure, and input-output, that is unique things in this course.  I am telling you, what you will get after this course when you complete the watch with full attention? Fundamental concepts with examples.

5. Teaching method awareness of Faisal Zamir

Another last and very important point is that you will be aware of the teaching method of Faisal Zamir, which means I. I have taught in different schools and colleges and online platforms, much experience in teaching.

It is very easy to teach any level of student. So in this course, you will notice my teaching method with proper examples and you will be satisfied surely.

Is Python course other than the Udemy platform?

Guys, there is a difference between Udemy and another platform I did want to share that. You should know that Udmy is the best platform for business students who want to start online learning coding or other things.

But I will recommend learning Python from Udemy and starting from basics and a day course in which you will clear everything in a few hours with free study materials.

On different platforms, you can start Python learning other than Udmey but I will recommend the Udemy platform due to different things for example:

  • Rich of Course with different categories
  • User-generated content, not generated
  • Lifetime Access course and other materials
  • Affordability for poor students
  • Everyone can enroll
  • Practical Learning
  • Assignment providing
  • Practice test
  • Practical coding
  • Exam preparations quiz
  • Lifetime Updates from the instructor for courses and Udmey
  • Udmey offers

YouTube 01 day course vs Udemy 01 Python course

I also created another version of this course, if you want to learn Python in Urdu Hindi language that is also available on YouTube, totally free. This course uses used same outlines but different examples to clear the fundamental Python concepts.

Python in one day on Youtube by faisal zamir

So if you can understand Urdu or Hindi language that is a suitable course for you. You will get lifetime access and support. But another disadvantage is that you will not get any certificate on completion of this course.

What is included in this Course?

That is the main point and the main thing, often students ask, what we will get in this course. I want to tell them different things you will get in this course. Because I try to provide material in a unique style. My goal is to satisfy the student while providing more material to learn complete concepts.  Following are the different things I shared in the group and you will get them for a lifetime.

Serial Number What You Get
01 PPT Slides
02 Source Code
03 Video Lectures
04 A Good Teacher
05 Lifetime Support

PPT slides: These are the notes I shared in this course, you can say these are Notes for students, by reading these you can understand concepts with examples.
Source Code: Very very important things, that is source code. If you have the source code, it will be easy for you to read the source code, its structure, syntax, and your modification and new output.
Video Lectures: There are many video lectures in this course, with good quality video and audio for students to get proper lessons.

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A Good Teacher: Another thing is that you will get a good teacher with 6+ years of experience in teaching. Many students a positive feedback on this course with this instructor.
Lifetime Support: Last but very important, because without support you can not do anything. Get instructor support and help while learning, and you will succeed, surely.

Prerequisite for this Python Course

Basic Computer knowledge: YOu will have a laptop or computer on which you will watch videos and write code on your computer. You should know how to use computer systems. Navigating files etc.

Writing skill: As you have to write computer code like Python language code, you will have kwneodlge how to write something on the computer, same you can write Python code in Python related to any IDE like Visual Studio code.

Would you like to learn Python in 07 Days?

I shared everything about the Python course in 01 day, but I have created a Python course that will be organized in such a way that you will complete it in 07 days. I explored topics in detail with examples and increased the length of videos and chapters.

This course is available on Udmey in English language and also I created its next version in Urdu Hindi language which is published on YouTube. The YouTube course is free of cost, you can watch that course. If you need study materials for this course, you can put your request in a comment.


In this article, I discussed with you about Python course that is hosted on Udemy. This course will be completed in only one day. Different that tath you will get in this course I have shared with you. Also, what material you will get in this course I discussed it with you. Now you have to decide whether you have to take this course or not.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Another very interesting thing is that this Python course on Udemy has a 30-day money-back guarantee, so don’t worry about your money. When you take enrollment in this course you will be able to refund your complete money. It is risk-free for students because your payment will be in your hands within 30 days.


Who is the instructor for this course?

Faisal Zamir is the Instructor for Python in a 01-day course on Udemy. This course has thousands of enrollments from different countries.

Why need to learn with Faisal Zamir?

It is necessary to learn from Faisal Zamir for Python because he has much experience in teaching. He mentioned different examples and notes for students to help in learn properly.

Will you be able to get a certificate for this course?

Yes, when you take your enrollment in this course on Udemy, you will get a certificate from Udemy at the end of the course completion.

Will Udemy provide lifetime access to this course?

Yes, for all courses that are hosted on Udemy, you will have lifetime access, same as for this Python in one-day course on Udemy.

Are there other courses of Faisal Zamir?

Yes, there are other courses also available, you can enroll in them. Just check its profile on Udmey, you will get more courses related to programming and the web. Faisal Zamir more courses.

Will you be able to make money after this course?

Yes, making money with Python is easy to do but you need to get a complete guide. This is the post, written by Faisal Zamir, when understanding this post you will be able to start your online business with coding.

Will I get free support?

Yes, if you face any problem or confusion related to this course you can make contact to instructor, you will get a free support via messages.

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