2024 Start Coding Business: Business Building with Python

Start your OWN Coding Business in 2024 [Python Business]

Complete guide I am sharing with you about starting your online coding business in 2024. Different techniques and methods I discussed here you need to read these guidelines again and again. Different types of business ideas related to coding are discussed here.

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In the end, the FAQ section is created to learn different questions and answers that clear your concept more.

Are you looking for any business?

If you are looking for business on the internet I will suggest you read this complete article to clear your mindset. The business I share with you is based on computer programming language. If you are looking for an online business and you have some coding skills you can read this guide to get help.

This guide will help you to conduct online business through your coding skills and lifetime earnings will be generated for you.

Identify your coding skills, Before business

First of all, it is very necessary to identify, whether you have coding skills or not. You should not have experience in coding. If you are a beginner in coding you can start your business online.

But you need to identify on which level you are at working through programming that is the actual point to identify. After understanding your level of programming skills you can start a business according to your level.

For example, if you are being then you have to adjust your business as limited and you will get limited benefits as you are limited. But if you are easier in coding then you can enhance your business and get more revenue and benefits.

In 2024: success coding business, why?

It is 2024, and we have to think differently while conducting online business with coding. Nowadays every one looking for AI technology and AI-based systems to develop or use in their daily lives.

Now what do you have to do here? You need to start learning coding that is related to AI or that is used to develop AI systems, then you will succeed.

If you search on the Internet you will get an answer, Python is a valuable language with the strength and power to develop AI projects or AI-based systems.

Then I will recommend learning Python coding if you are interested in earning more and starting an online business with coding.

learning Python coding

01: Online Classes Interest:

Not everyone can take physical classes. For some of them interested in taking online classes, you can target that student to teach them online coding to get money. There are different platform you can use to teach them like Zoom, Google Meetings, etc. Also, you can use YouTube to share videos with your students privately.

02: Coding interest:

You know that different students have an interest in learning coding but no one provides them with some guidance and help to understand coding and its benefits and real use. You can target them.

03: AI development:

As artificial intelligence development rapidly increases based on Python coding, you can make students and people aware of AI developments through coding. Surely, you will gain more benefits. AI has revolutionized the world with its outstanding development in different fields such as education, medicine, technology, gaming, etc.

04: Beneficial Scripts:

Nowadays everyone wants to find a solution to any problem with digital. You need to solve different human problems with digital systems. Digital systems can be built up with coding or programming languages like Python. You have to create a script with coding to share among people who solve their problems, and resultant you will get benefits.

Recommended Coding Business Ideas

These are the recommended business ideas I am sharing with you, Please try to understand and find which is suitable for you. Also, these have different strategies and different skills you need. So always select any earning method but must understand that method in depth.

Here is a table, and also details are available below this table.

Serial Number Earning Method Who Can Do?
01 Teaching Everyone
02 Freelancing for development Everyone
03 Software Development Job Everyone
04 Internship Everyone
05 Local Project Work Everyone
06 Write Script and Sale Everyone
07 Digital Products Everyone

01: Teaching

You can start teaching coding to your studetns online which will generate more revenue. I recommend this method for those who have some experience in teaching, and who must try it. The first time I used the teaching method online on Udmey and got millions of students.

You know that iWebClass is a physical academy whose purpose is to teach coding to students offline, but after some time it is converted to JafriCode to teach online to whole students.

There are different ways you can follow to teach, some of which I want to share with you.

A: Ready your Blog

Don’t worry! how you write your blog. Different AI tools generate content for you to complete your blog but you need to give a human look to your AI-generated content. Google will rank your content which has good quality and unique information for readers.

create blog for coding

To start blogging you need to learn first how to create a blog, there are different platforms like bloggers, and WordPress available you can use.

B: Online Courses

This method has more power to generate revenue, I have created different courses on the programming web and get students’ enrollment from different countries.

create course for coding

You can create a coding-based course like Python or another programming language and sell that course on a platform like Udeym or others.

C: Ebooks

Sometimes students take an interest in reading a book to learn something new, for example when there is no internet connection or slow internet, students are unable to watch online videos. But they will able to read your digital book.

I will recommend you create an ebook for students that should contain beneficial and unique information for students. They will take interest in buying your books and you will get revenue.

02: Freelancing for development

Are you a coder? Then must try a freelancing website to get coding-related projects from clients and you will get more revenue. I know different software engineers have experience writing code to develop different projects and software they take projects from freelancing websites.

There are different freelancing websites like Upwork, Fiver, etc. I recommend you start working on such a platform, don’t worry if you have some experience.

You will get more experience from time to time. Also, you can get help from AI as an assistant to complete your project for a client.

03: Software Development Job

If you have completed graduation and study and are not interested in any freelancing work or teaching. i will recommend you to try a software development job at a different software house. Surely you will get a job in your local area software house or remotely based.

Just you need to become consistent in our methodologies because some men get disappointed while applying for different jobs. Just take courage and believe in God, and finally, you will get your coding-related job.

04: Internship

There are different options for you to start your business but if you do not want to start a business due to lack of experience you can start any internship. After getting experience from an internship you can start your own business. like creating a small sales business or starting freelancing work etc.

05: Local Project Work

You don’t know but there are different person want to build software for their project and companies. You have to search out and visit some organizations and be aware of their digital system.

When they are ready you can get different projects from them to work on to get money. From time to time, you will get more benefits and more projects.

06 Write Script and Sale

This is a great and independent online business related to coding, that is to create beneficial scripts for people and developers. Sometimes developers need important scripts to use in their projects. They search on the internet but are unable to find them.

I will recommend this method to create beneficial scripts with coding to solve different people’s problems. These scripts you can sell out on the Internet and get benefits from your coding skills.

At the initial level, JafriCode decided to write a Python-based script to sell to desired people but failed in this idea due to insufficient time. Because we have many projects on which we are working.

07: Digital Products

Another last but very important to share with you. That is creating digital products, is not a short script but a complete products that have a specific purpose to develop for solving different problems. After creating any beneficial digital project you can mark your product for sale online.

You will get benefits per sale of your products. Just you need to search out which application or digital product I have to build up which generates more revenue. It depends upon people’s demands and problem-solving when people face problems.

Here is a useful Video for you to understand how you can earn money or start your own business with Coding:

Author Recommendation for Coding Bussiness

As an author of this blog, I will recommend to my readers and students who must learn Coding like Python as it is used in a variety of fields like cutting edge technologies, MS different services, AI, etc.

After learning Python, you can start your own little and lower-level business or earning source that sells Python study materials on different platforms like Gumroad, etc.

You can also start an online teaching of Python language on a Udmey-like platform as monthly revenue is the highest for Python courses. This is my recommendation if you like please follow and share it with your friends.


This is the complete lesson which contains recommendations for those who have better knowledge or experience level knowledge of coding. They can read this article to get started in their online coding business. Different techniques and startups I shared here for you guys.

Have you any other way to make money with coding?

Will you start or not your business in 2024?

Have you had any issues with your online coding business?

Please Answer!


Who can start a coding business?

Only those developers can start coding online business who have an interest in making money, patience, consistency, and knowledge to start a business.

How much money you will earn through an online coding business?

It depends upon the strategy you used and in which programming language you are writing code, for example, Python has more scope than another programming language. Also, it depends on the methods you use to earn money for example some developers earn money through online teaching, blogging, freelancing, script writing, etc.

What are the requirements to start a coding business

There are different resources you need to start an online coding business, such as a laptop, coding skills, mindset, patience, interest, and a clear path that need to follow to succeed.

Is it necessary to do online business only?

Yes, it is necessary to start an online business then an offline one because many students want to learn online but have no good mentor. And also you will get more benefits from online than offline. So you need to hard work on the online business rather than offline.

From where we can get more ideas about the coding business?

If you need more coding business ideas, you have to put your request in below comment section below, and you will get a response. Also, you can make contact with Faisal Zamir to discuss more.

Who can teach coding to start an online business?

Faisal Zamir is the most famosu and paopliur coding instrucotr who is the top rated instrucotr on Udmey. I recommend following him to learn to code and start your online business.

What are the best platforms to promote your coding business online?

There are many platforms, where you can promote your coding, for example, create your video and show your coding experience on YouTube, where you will get more views and followers. It is a free platform which used mostly to get coding lessons.

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