Qurtuba University: The Professor Guided me about Python

Qurtuba University’s Professor Guided me in learning the Python Language

This post is about sharing my experience and basic history of when I decided to learn Python on the guide of Qurtuba University Professor at Dera Ismail Khan. And complete the strategy I follow from learning to teaching online and getting more enrollment.

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I mentioned that in how many days io completed learning Python and then started teaching to the whole world.

Why did he share a secret with me?

This post aims to share my history of Python language the first time when I learned due to its importance as a valuable language in the market. The question is why he shared with me this language to learn it, it is due to this reason that at that time I got a position in a University and could do more and new.

This is the point, he wants to share a trended and scoped technology which is the fundamental component of technology like AI.

Faisal Zamir at Mountains

That reason he shared new technology with me and told to me, learn it from an expert teacher who would teach with examples. I followed my teacher’s guide, and according to that guidance, I started to learn Python and became successful.

Great professor at the university

Would you like to share about Porfessor’s attitude and personality? If yes then read.

He was a great teacher at the university due to his good qualities and good behavior with students. I found that he is most cooperative with students sharing different resources with us to learn more and go into more in-depth.

Listen to the name of Python from the University as a Valuable thing

In 2016, I also listened to the name Python but understood that it is not a valuable language and does not have any scope in the digital market. But when a university professor guided me about this language telling me its benefits, scope, and importance in development then I decided to learn it. It was 2019 when I listened and got knowledge from my professor about Python which is a valuable and highly scoped language.

Complete Python in a few days

The professor shared with me different resources and video lectures to learn from that. I started that video-watching final in a few days because I have much knowledge of programming with practicals like PHP, C++, JavaScript, etc.

S NO What Learned?
1 Setup
2 Syntax
3 Fundamentals
4 Data Types
5 Data Structure
6 Loops
7 Function

Just I need to get more video lectures and projects on which I will work and get more insight into language.

After Python what did I learn?

When I finalized Python in a few days, I decided to learn Web development with Python. Because it was my fond to learn web development throughout. There were different libraries like Django which were used to create websites or web applications. I started to learn Django after Python fundaments and learned in 10 days. It was my first experience learning any web framework from scratch and found that the teacher was so nice and helped me learn the Django framework.

Who was the teacher, I followed online?

The teacher who taught me to compile Python from start to end with theoretical concepts, as well as practical examples, was very kind and experienced. Would you like to share the name from which I learned Python and Django? If yes then put Yesin comment section.

Their teaching method and style were awesome and easy to understand method. Many followers, he has on YouTube and other platforms.

I will share his name when you request it from me in the comment box, he is my teacher also in Python.

When I learn complete Python, then?

After learning Complete Python programming from the best teacher, I started online teaching as many students want to learn coding online rather than physically. At first, I tried to teach offline students but due to some problems and issues with the students, I stopped. I was then moved to teach online where I got millions of students enrolled in my courses.

My top Python Course after learning

After learning Python programming for some months with practice I decided to teach Python. I created different courses on Udmey but now I have decided to create an outstanding course in Python. That is solving 1000+ exercises with Python language their solution will be provided by AI tool.

This course will be beneficial for everyone, especially beginners and those newer in the field of Python, so must try this course. You can follow me on Udemy to get updates for new courses!

Would you like to know about Qurtuba University?

Here is the video you will learn about Qurtuba University founder’s introduction.


In this post, I shared a complete history of my learning Python from university to teaching online Python and getting millions of enrollments into different programming courses. I will recommend reaching out to you to get experience and improvement in your life.

What do you get from my basic history? Please give me an answer!


Where was Faisal Zamir taught?

Faisal Zmari completed his graduation from Qurtuba University at Dera Ismail Khan, KPK Pakistan with a 4.0 GPA.

Who said to Faisal Zamir that learning Python?

During his graduation from Qurtuba University, his professor guided him in learning Python due to its high scope in the field of development.

Is Faisal Zamir teaching on Udemy?

Yes, Faisal Zamir started online teaching from the Udemy platform, you can search with his name on Udemy you will get his profile to view all its courses related to programming and the web.

Who is the python top-rated Udemy instructor in Pakistan?

Faisal Zamir is the top-rated Udmey Instructor in Pakistan having millions of enrollments in different courses related to programming and the web and getting thousands of positive reviews from different students.

Can you recommend a top-rated Python course on Udemy by a Pakistani instructor?

Yes, I know a course on Udmey Python learning for beginners which is designed as Python in 99 days with assignments, quizzes, video lectures, Notes, Source code, and coding exercises. After this course, you will be able to work on Python programming and able to make enrollment in other Python advanced courses, here is the course, Python for Beginners

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