ChatGPT: When and Why do you need to use it in 2024

When & Why you Need ChatGPT: [2024 hack ChatGPT]

This is the post I created for you in which I mentioned every point with an explanation of how you can use ChatGPT in  2024 for different purposes. I will recommend this article to read from start to end i you need help from AI generate content and want to get the benefits of new technology. Using new technology you will succeed in every field.

chatgpt in 2024 when and why use it

For what purpose do you use ChatGPT?

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Why OpenAI made ChatGPT?

It is an advanced project of the OpenAI company for humanity. Because after ChatGPT people take an interest and increase productivity. They made ChatGPT because they want a machine bot to be available among people who respond first and look like a human response.

You know that ChatGPT is a chatbot that was developed based on artificial intelligence principles in which they used natural processing technologies.

why chatgpt is made by openai

You know that content generated by ChatGPT is so easy to understand for all levels of persons related to a field. They aimed to build a system that increases the knowledge of humans with the easiest language by a machine which is a bot.

Do you need ChatGPT?

This is the question I will ask you, why do you need ChatGPT? No matter what your field or what your job is, everyone may need to ask any question related to his/her field. But I will suggest you put some questions to this chatbot model to get a response.

Conversations with AI Brilliance.

Now give me your good answer in the comment section whether you need it or not. Then further we will discuss that.

Any dangers with ChatGPT use?

When ChatGPT launched it was a myth that it would leak your data and not use it for personal question use. People begin to ask some private or personal questions about this model but due to insufficient information, they are sorry. So the reality is that you do not need to worry about its leaking, sure that your question will be safe and will not be shared.

ChatGPT Kill your future!

You should know that AI tools have power more than a man because a man can write something with limited knowledge but AI tools like ChatGPT can generate text more than human knowledge.

As the heading says it will kill your future, it means that if you are skilled in generating content for blogging, YouTube, facebook content creation, etc, this work is done with ChatGPT, and you will not need to generate it yourself.

Another is that if you can translate a language into another language, this work can be done with ChatGPT it means ChatGPT can complete tasks and jobs as human beings but needs to handle it properly.

Will Google like ChatGPT content?

Google likes only quality content that gives proper information to users. If the content has some quality whether it is synthesized by machine or human matter google will like it.

So try to understand and give a more human look to AI-generated content to make it more useful for users and readers, then Google will give importance to such content and rank your materials on the internet.

When & Why: You can use ChatGPT in 2024

These are the different points I shared with you I mentioned that when you need to use the ChatGPT model you know there are different other models also available. These are the following important headings that have important discussion for you.

Please understand the Table content, and what you can do with ChatGPT:

S NO Todo Status
1 Content Generation Yes
2 Language Translation Yes
3 Coding Assistance Yes
4 Educational Support Yes

01: Content Generation

The fundamental goal was chatGPT is to generate content in text form that will look human-generated.

Chatgpt content generation

So when you need to generate content free of cost, you can use ChatGPT because it uses natural language processing technologies to get different information from websites, articles, books, etc and then it gives you responses.

Why use it for content generation?

It answers that when you need to write a blog you can get content from chatGPT and use it in your blog. But you need to keep one point in your mind. Please read a t first generate content and then make some modifications that look human-generated.  Because Google likes quality content and unique information you have to provide it.

You may need it when you want to generate Facebook or YouTube video descriptions you can’t say it to ChatGPT who will write for you. Also when you want to write any email or proposal for freelancing, you can do it with ChatGPT.

Note: Please review AI-generated content and give it a human look to make useful information and uniqueness.

02: Language Translation

The important point I am discussing with you guys is about converting one language into another language. (I am talking about human language, not computer language). If you want to convert for example English to Urdu or Arabic, it will convert easily for you. There may be some cases or situations you may need this feature of ChatGPT.

Why use it for Language Translation?

As you know it can work like a human language translator. Communication with other people who don’t know your language, then it will become easy for you.

Because It will convert your language into another language. When you want to convert any book that is written another language and wants to convert it into your language like Urdu or Arabic you can easily do so.

03: Coding Assistance

A very important use of ChatGPT for developers is that you can get help from this AI tool from a coding assistant. When you provide any algorithm to this model, it will write real code for you according to the provided algorithm.

Not only Python, but it can also write code any programming language you want. Also, it can convert one programming language code into another.

Why use it for Coding Assistance?

When you get tasks from a client to write some script or some project, you can get help from chatGPT. It will write a simple script or a complex script for you. I completed my complex task with ChatGPT when I was creating games with Python, it helped me.

04: Educational Support

I am addressing students and teachers or those who are related to education and must try it. There are different subjects in the world. All that subject ChatGPT knows from start to end.

I will recommend you to put different questions to this bot just like you put on your classroom teacher, you will get better answers with different examples. And also it provides more information and examples on your request.

Why use it for Education Support?

When you are preparing for an exam you can use, it to have more knowledge than a human. It can generate quizzes or multiple choice questions for you related to any subject for your practice also with the correct option.

Another answer is that you can get a complex answer for a complex question with proper explanations and examples. Sometimes teacher provides complicated assignments to master students when they are confused but when want that assignment in this model, it will help you.

In case when you get research work from the university due to MPhil or PhD you can get more help from ChatGPT to complete it.

05: Idea Generation

Sometimes you need to get different ideas for making any decision in this situation best platform is the ChatGPT to get more ideas related to your question. After getting different ideas you can select one of them, and it will help you to select the most beneficial idea related to your mindset and queries.

Why use it for Idea Generation?

When you have trouble and many paths are open to follow only from them, in that sutiaotn you have to write a detailed query in which mention your sutiaotn and submit it to this model. In seconds you will get a lot of ideas and solutions for your complex solutions. You can follow one of them.

It may need to be used when you want to start any online business, it will help you to get more benefits from your business. It will not provide only ideas but also provide how to succeed in those ideas.

I follow ChatGPT

You know that I am an online instructor as a programmer, I use ChatGPT to get more help and insight for the topic. I want to teach programming to students in such a way that everyone can understand easily with examples. For that reason we have to manage and research different definitions, explanations, and examples, so we get help from ChatGPT.

As ChatGPT finds the actual content and according to a user query, reads different books, articles, websites, and other sources of text content, that is why I prefer its use in daily life.

Technology Behind the ChatGPT

If I shared the technology that is working behind the ChatGPT, that is Python programming. Using Python programming, developers build a chatbot with NLP (Natural Language Processing) techniques. NLP is used to process natural language to generate natural responses just like human beings. At regular intervals, their developer team updates ChatGPT for their users.


In this complete article, I discussed ChatGPT benefits in 2024 and also mentioned how it will help you in different fields like education, business, entertainment, etc. Now it is your mindset and thoughts on how you use it in your daily life.

You should know that I will update this article from time to time!

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In which language did ChatGPT develop?

The most famous and trended programming language is Python which is used in the backend of the ChatGPT chatbot module.

Can doctors use ChatGPT?

Yes, every field related can use ChatGPT to put the desired query and get a response like a human gives.

Can Google rank your ChatGPT content?

It depends upon the quality of the content. Google likes only quality, unique, and useful information for users. If its generated content is low quality then you cannot rank it on Google. You have to make some modifications to make it useful and unique.

Can ChatGPT will leak your data?

No, don’t worry about this one. Your chat will be private and will not be shared publically.

Does ChatGPT help you pass an exam?

Yes, in every field of education or noneducation, you can get help from ChatGPT to succeed in exams. It will help you to generate topic-related MCQs and tell you, the correct answers from them.

How does ChatGPT ensure user privacy and data security?

If you are using ChatGPT to get some useful information related to any type of subject you have to remember something. Because your chat content will be safe from others, they will not share with your users.

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