Make Money with Faisal Zamir on Udemy in 2024

How to Make Money on Udemy [Faisal Zamir Guide]

As you know it becomes very difficult for students as well as others to earn money online. To Make Money with Faisal Zamir is a complete course that need to get from him if you are interested. There are different family problems etc every one needs money. So I learned course how to make money with Udmey, especially for teachers and students.

Make money with Faisal Zamir

There are no major requirements for this course, just you should have to be ready to earn money if you have some knowledge of any field or any skill. In this post, you will get more information about this course.

Why Udemy, I select to earn money?

You know that there are lots of methods you can follow to make money, so the question may arise as to why I selected the Udmey platform to earn money. I like Udemy to earn money with courses due to some reason that I will share in this course I am going to start.

Some of them I want to share, it is straightforward, not complex, with no strict rules, and regulations like other platforms.

Udemy introduction

You should know that Udmey is the LMS type system (learning management system) Where students can enroll in the desired courses as it has a wide range of courses in a variety of categories.
It was 2010 when some people made the foundation of such a platform they were Eren Bali, Oktay Caglar, and Gagan Biyani. It allows free registration for new users as student accounts or instructor accounts.

Am I able to teach you to make money?

This question you can put on me, and I will give you an answer. As I have much experience in teaching offline or online platforms. I have more than 8 years of experience in different subjects in different institutes.

So also I have much experience in the Udmey platform to earn money and teach students. There are lots of students from different countries enrolling in my courses, it is approximately a million.

It means that I have the ability and right to each how you can make money through the Udemy program just creating teaching to students.

My experience on Udemy

I started to teach on Udemy in 2021 but in fact, I have 7+ years of experience in teaching in different institutes, Colleges, schools, etc. I have joined different colleges to conduct programming-related classes to be aware of coding reality and its importance in the field of development.

Top rated instructor Faisal Zamir at Udemy


Complete guide to earning money with Udemy

This is the complete Udemy course in which every one able to understand in depth how to start an online business on Udemy just creating questions or videos on Udemy to make money. There are different platforms you can use but there are some reasons I selected Udemy.

This course will contain video lectures with details and the material I need. I will upload this course on YouTube for everyone interested to know how to create a course free of cost to make money on Udmey. It is free of cost and without investment ideas for everyone. I would like to invite all students and teachers to follow this course if they want to earn money on the Internet.

How you can make money on Udemy

Every platform has different strategies and methods to allow its users to earn money. But Udemy has a unique way to generate revenue for users like an instructor. There are different you can use to create courses for students. These are shared in the following.

Course Creation on Udemy with Faisal zamir

1. Creating video courses

You can create video courses for your students, it is a little bit hard working. Because you have to expert in the subject, mic setting, video environment, software for recording, etc. These requirements you have to fulfill to create a quality course for your students.

2. Creating practice test courses

Another way to create a course that is quiz-based is that you do not need to create any video for the course. I recommend this method to my students. There is a secret thing with this method that I will share in a course with students.

How to join this course?

This course in which you will learn how to make money with Udmey by Faisal Zamir is free of cost. You did not need to pay for this course. But one thing you have to do for this enrollment, you have to join our WhatsApp group to get more updates on this course. Would you like to join us our WhatsApp group to get course full support and video content free of cost!

Procedure to Download Outlines

It is a huge course for everyone interested in making money with Udemy by creating courses. I spent more time creating the outline for this course. It will become easy for everyone to grasp concepts and start this course with a proper sequence.

You can download the outline for this course; it has a simple procedure. Just mention your request in the comment section, and you will receive a simple link to get complete details about the course.

Am I making money on Udemy?

Yes, I am making on Udmey with a few courses, as I tried to create quality courses with current technology like Python and Web related. Monthly revenue is highest for Python programming due to its vast and high scope in development.

I got more sales for Python-related courses due for that reason I left the physical college job as a professor. Now I focused on creating Python courses and making money easily at home.


In this post, I announced the course that I will conduct on YouTube very soon, in which I will share my all knowledge to make money on Udemy free of cost. If you like this course, you need to Join our Whatsapp group.

Do you need a WhatsApp group? Just say Yes in the comment section!

Congratulations! The course is completed!

This post is now updated with this good news, as I have completed my Udemy course from start to end according to the outlines I shared with you!

Now I want to share the complete playlist. Just go through and watch the complete course to acquire a new skill: how to teach online to make money on Udemy. If there is any problem or issue, you can share it directly with me.

Here is the complete Playlist you can get on YouTube to watch when you want! Make Money with Udemy


Who is the instructor for this Udemy course?

The most famous Instructor especially Python, Faisal Zamir will be there to teach you how to create a beneficial course on Udemy to earn money.

Will you get a complete course?

Yes, he will create a complete course for beginner students who want to make money on the Udmey platform by creating videos or just quizzes for students.

How you can participate in this Udemy complete course?

It is very easy to join this course, we have an official WhatsApp group, and you have to join that group to get updates about this course and links or that course.

Can you download this course for offline watching

Yes, very easily you can download this course from YouTube easily. But I will recommend watching live on YouTube because you can put comments on specific videos if you have to face any problem in a special video lecture.

Is it free or paid?

This course is free of cost, you do not need to pay. Lifetime you will have access to this course.

Is creating a course on Udemy difficult?

No, it is a simple and easy way to create a course on Udemy, you have to record your video and upload it on Udemy with their user-friendly dashboard and user interface. If you want to write AI-generated descriptions and other text-based content, you can use also it. If you don’t know, how to use it, you can comment below.

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