15+ Tips to Become A Professional Python Coder

How to Become A Professional Python Coder

On this blog, you are getting different guides, help, support, and video courses on Python to become a professional Python Coder. There are some steps and techniques you have to follow to become a good coder in Python language.

In this post, I have written different tops you have to follow and implement in your code to enhance code readability when you show with your clients or senior developers.

Professional Python Coder

Without knowledge you can not succeed in your field, you need the assistance of your senior developer. If you know about different tips that need to be followed while writing code you must implement and share them with your friends also.

I taught to students and shared this topic many times to share in-depth knowledge of programming specifically Python due to its huge scope in the field of development. But sometimes students don’t know where I have to start.

I will recommend reading it carefully because it contains tips that make you a professional coder in Python language while writing code. Let’s start to understand basic things first.

What is your coding level?

I want to put this question to you because I want to know about your level of coding, are you a beginner or experienced in Python language? Because every level of developer needs to follow different techniques and tips to become a good coder. A beginner developer needs a basic strategy to become a good coder in the field of code writing.

Mention your answer in the comment section, we will discuss further your coding level and I will share separately for you, which tips and techniques you need to cover to become a professional Python coder,

Standard for Profesisnal Coder?

What is the standard? Who is the developer we say that is professional? Guys, a professional means a mature man to write code that is easy to understand for all levels of developers. Here I would like to share some characteristics of a professional man:

  • Expert in his / her subject
  • Good Behavior for all
  • Consistency
  • Effective and Good Communication
  • Management in all fields especially Time
  • Professional look
  • Client-Centric Approach
  • Continuous Learning of his / her subject
  • Creating a Team and Managing them

These are different properties of a professional man, I shared with you, but how we can understand it and relate to a professional Python coder? They need to read complete posts to clear the idea of the post.

17 Tips to Become a Professional Python Coder

You are so lucky, to looking for tips that are necessary to become a good coder in Python language. In this post, I shared different and important points that are necessary to apply if you want to become a professional.

From the fundamentals of Python to AI, you have to understand. To learn complete tips please share complete following knowledge.

Here is a Table to follow these tips to improve your programming efficient way!

Serial Number Tip Will Improve
01 Try to Clear Python Fundamental Yes
02 Regularly Update yourself Yes
03 A little bit of Problem-Solving Yes
04 Develop Python Mini Projects Yes
05 Use of Object-Oriented Programming Yes
06 Comments Yes
07 Functional Programming Yes
08 Join Python Community Yes
09 Alternative Solution Yes
10 Join Stack Overflow Yes
11 Join GitHub Yes
12 Learn More Advanced Topics Yes
13 Teach Your Junior Yes
14 Build Your Team Yes
15 Conduct Live Classes for Python Yes
16 Participate in Other AI Projects Yes
17 Continue Learning Yes


01: Python Fundamental

This is the first point you have to take that is related to learning Python basics. If you have already clear fundamentals of Python programming then analyze whether you are ready to move to the next point or not.

Fundamental concepts mean syntax, input, output operations,  loops, functions, and data structures like lists, tuple dictionaries, etc.

02: Regularly Updates

You know that everything is updated,, Python language also updates its features, functions, new things to automate, libraries, etc. You have to touch with them to get updates from its official website python.org.

After some time they release a new version of Python. You can study why they update with what things. Must study!

03: Problem Solving

The 3rd point is very important and is about solving different real-world problems. You know that with Python language or another language, we try to solve different problems related to the real world, math, engineering, statistics, medicine, or others.

If you can solve different problems with Python code, you are lucky and able to move to the 4th point.

04: Develop Mini Projects

The important thing is that, after learning any language you have to create some mini project to get more experience and experts in that language. We are learning Python, that is why I will suggest you learn Python to create some mini projects.

While developing a mini project you will learn more things and more new features. If you can develop mini-projects then must update them and share them with your senior.

05: Use of OOP

You know that OOP is the object-oriented programming language that is used to consider everything as an object. In the OOP environment, we say that everything the object looks like has specific functions or behaviors and characteristics.

If you want to become a professional Python coder then must give time to learn OOP with Python. If you have a concept of OOP then must improve your Python language by developing several mini-projects and solving different problems with OOP.

06: Use of Comments

It is highly recommended to use comments in your Python source code or other languages. Because while writing comments in your source it will become easy for another developer to understand your code.

And also you can put different remarks on your code. I said to my students, must put a comment with each line to explain what are you doing.

07: Functional Programming

It is an advanced Python topic, but very necessary if you like to be a professional Python coder, then must learn advanced Python also. In functional programming, you have to write your code inside functions.

You need to manage different functions that contain actual for specific functionality. That makes it easy to manage and read your source code.

08: Join Community

Without community, you cannot learn more. I will recommend to my students and subscribers, that must join our community on WhatsApp where you will get more updates about the Python language.

JOIN python community with Faisal Zamir

Would you like to join our Whatsapp community? Then do your comment ‘Yes I want’

Another community you can also join on Facebook group to learn more from experts. Also, there is an official community you can join to get more updates and experienced assistance.

09: More than one solution

For example, when you solve any problem with Python language, you must have an alternative solution. Sometimes your solution does not work in some cases, then you have to an alternative way to solve that specific problem. This habit is the habit of a professional Python coder.

10: Stack overflow

Stack Overflow is a great platform for developers. I also follow stack overflow when I face any problem or need to get help from an expert. So create your account on such a platform and learn from experts. You can also answer your beginners and joiner python developer.

11: GitHub

Another professional tip is that you have to create your account on GitHub to manage your source code. Different online jobs include such requirements in their job description form.

Faisal Zamir on Github

Because they need a developer who knows GitHub as well as able to work like a team member using GitHub. So I will recommend you to learn GitHub and its fundamental commands.

12: Learn More Advanced topics

After learning fundamental Python concepts you have to learn about advanced Python programming. In advanced Python programming, you have to learn about OOP, regular expression, database connectivity with Python, web scrapping, advanced input-output with files, and advanced libraries like Pandas, Numpy, Django, etc.

13: Teach your Jonier

You will learn more while teaching your joiner developer. There are different join looking for mentors. When I ran my post on Facebook for a live class in Python, I got a message from students that they needed a mentor who teams them properly.

It means that learners are looking for a good mentor. So create an environment in which you teach whether it is online or offline.

14: Build team

Another good way to create a team, when you create a team you will be a mentor and boos. So build a team, teach them, and manage them.

You will learn from your team members because everyone has unique habits and mindset. When you develop a team, give work and check their work, and guide them to update their work, these things you have to do.

15: Conduct live classes for Python

You know that, I conducted a live class for Python for beginner students. I got posiutve reiew from studetns. Also, I learn a lot of things from students.

You can also conduct a live class to teach Python programming, when you teach you will learn at first and follow rules and rules, and then your students will gain you.

16: Participate in other AI project

The very most important thing is that today is the period of AI, and you must learn AI. After understanding Python Advanced, you need to give yourself time to learn artificial intelligence.

Due to its high demand in the field of development, you must try to develop AI-based systems or participate in other projects in which AI is used.

17: Continue learning

Don’t stop, you have to learn to continue using different ways like PDF books, google, YouTube, Udemy, and other resources.

18: Code Reviews

This is another tip, when you follow it you will become a professional Python coder as you learn more things and best practices from other codes. Code reviews mean that when you analyze or read other developer code you get more tips, learning chances, confidence, and best practices. I would like to develop this habit personally because it will support a beginner developer to learn more.

19: Contribute to Open Source Projects

Last but very least it is associated with teamwork. When you work as a team member you get more knowledge from your colleagues. There are different projects I have developed without any team joining but when join a team to develop software, I got many things like concept clarity, more knowledge, coding styles, etc. I will suggest you make your contribution to open source projects like on Github, you will get more practice on your Python coding.

Video Guide for write Python Code

Here is a related Video you will get more information from this video if you watch it from start to end. After watching this complete video you can tell me about this video content and also what you learn from this video.


In this post, I explained how you can become a good and Professional Python Coder and what is it important to become. Each and everything I have mentioned here you know.

Would you like to follow these tips?

Have you any other tips, I will add them with your Name

Please Answer!


Is it necessary to become a professional coder?

Yes, if you want to work globally you need to become a professional, your written code should look like a professional coder has written. Most software houses need a professional coder for their industries.

What defines a coding level and how is it determined?

It depends upon the coder’s writing way how he writes the code, and how he solves the problems using which logic. Sometimes beginners use many steps to solve any basic problems. However, professionals try to solve problems using a few steps of code that are easy to read with good comments.

Can you share 17 essential tips to improve coding proficiency and professionalism?

Yes, these 17 tips when applied to your coding life will be able to improve your skills and convert your unprofessional coding style into a professional coding style.

Can I add more tips to this page?

Yes, if you have other tips which necessary for beginner developer  to become a professional coder, you can share with me, I will publish that on this page referencing you.

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