Python ‘pip’ is not recognized as an internal or external command

Understand ‘pip’ is not recognized meaning!

In this guide, I have mentioned that everything about pip is not recognized as an internal or external command error which may be caused when you want to execute PIP files but the system is unable to execute pip files.

Why you get this error, its causes, and step-by-step solutions, everything is mentioned here. Extra, Auther recommendation for you is also mentioned in this post for best practices.

Developer! Don’t worry about the pip error!

If you are a new developer or experienced you do not need to worry everything is available for you to recover your errors. I am not saying that only pip is not recognized as an internal or external command error, I am saying generally about all types of errors that you may face if you are a developer.

Python 'pip' is not recognized as an internal or external command

Without fixing or understanding errors you cannot become an experienced developer. When you enter your foot in the development field and then read to face different errors, I also faced many errors and solved them.

When I faced this error!

This is my personal experience I am sharing it with you when I got it the first time when I was working on a mini project for my practice. How I solved that, just a little bit of searching on Google I fixed that error.

You can also fix that but here I want to share the complete strategy and troubleshooting in such a way that everyone can understand how to fix pip is not recognized as an internal or external command error.

What means of ‘pip’ is not recognized as an internal or external command error?

When you want to work with PIP, for example, to install some libraries, uninstall libraries any work related to pip and you get such an error, it means PIP is not available in the system PATH. Or you did not install it, but you have installed it properly but still you get such an error.

pip error internal or external

Pip is that package manager and you get installed when you install Python language in your system, but when you get such an error there may be some causes. Here is a complete description and understanding of this error.

What is ‘pip’?

As Already I have told you this is the packaged manager, that needs a developer when a developer wants to install or uninstall the package. It has a different version you can install but it is highly recommended to have the latest version of pip in your system.

What is ‘is not recognized’?

It means the system wants to run the pip package ( as Pancake has Python files that contain some instructions when running the pip command, the Python file executes and you get output) but due to not recognizing the pip file you get this error.

What is ‘as an internal or external command’?

Error is so long, that its last part says that it has issues on both sides internally or externally. internal means any command prompt or shel on which you give the command to run and external means when a developer provides a separate command using any file that is not a part of the prompt.

Try to understand Possible Causes

These are different causes you have to understand which one is suitable and nearest to your case. All these methods are discussed properly with an explanation for you guys. Read carefully, that may you or involved in any one of the following causes.

01: Outdated or missing Python installation.

This is the first chance you may face this outdated Python language. You know that Python is updated from time to time its version. After downloading and installing Python you need to update it regularly.

Another part of this issue is that you may have not installed Python in your system. Because with your Python it will not work, you need to install Python first in your system with the correct Path with the latest version. If these two things are correct please move to the next cause that may cause.

02: Incorrect system PATH configuration.

A very big reason is that when you installed PIP you did not set its path, you have to set its path going to the system variable and correct it. Most of the time you did not need to do this manually you will have added this path automatically when you installed Python properly by adding Python to the system Path.

But there may be any reason when you need to set manually path configuration for your PIP. Please try to add, if it is correct then move to the next cause.

03: Virtual environment issues.

It is very good practice to create a virtual environment to include your project to separate from others. It is a professional way to create a virtual environment before creating a project.

Every project needs different dependencies (packages) that need to be installed for that. However, due to different environments, you may have issues with the PIP package because every Python environment needs a PIP to manage that environment’s libraries, that is you have to analyze your virtual environment.

04: Permissions problems.

Sometimes everything is okay but you have to have certain permission to do that. If you are not an admin for the system you may face such an error.

You need to access the administration rule then try you will not get an error. When you have no permission you will not be able to install or uninstall any packages in your system, you have to access the right to do that.

Step-by-Step Solutions: In-depth Troubleshooting to remove pip error

After understanding different causes you can troubleshoot your error to find its solution and cause of the error. PIP is not recognizing is a common error but it is necessary to understand why it is occurring.

Serial Number Step
1 Ensure Python and pip are Installed
2 Updating or Reinstalling Python
3 Adjusting System PATH
4 Dealing with Virtual Environments

Here different steps I have shared with you you can follow each to get a solution.

01: Ensure Python and pip are Installed

This is the first solution you need to follow that is related to installing Python and pip in your system. You need to double-check whether you have installed PIP and Python or not. You did not need to install pip separately, installed with the installation of Python.

02: Updating or Reinstalling Python

Getting pip is not recognizing error and you have installed already Python then what do you need to do? Here another instruction is that you need to reinstall Python for your system or update to the latest version.

Sometimes it is highly recommended by the development team to update existing Python to the latest, as old versions may have been deprecated and not supported some function.

03: Adjusting System PATH

Recently when I was working with Python automation and needed to install one software to run some automation, I got many errors due to not setting for system Path. It means that adjusting the system Path for your pip is very important to work properly and to solve recent errors. As a beginner, you will take it difficult work, but I will recommend you to learn how to set System Path for different software.

04: Dealing with Virtual Environments

It is very important to know about your environment, and which environment you are working on your project. There is a global environment in which all the dependencies and packages are installed.

When you create a new project, you create a virtual environment specific to that new project. In that situation, you need to analyze and check whether the specific environment has PIP installed or not. Because every environment should have a pip and Python installed properly.

Additional Tips: Auther Recommendations

As an author I will recommend following the best practice for you, please always follow recommendations while working on your project.

Additional Tips Auther Recommendations

  • I recommend you reinstall your Python if you have an older version or the latest version. You may fix it just by reinstalling
  • Always update your PIP, because the older version may have some issues or deprecated functions that are not supported.

python -m pip install –upgrade pip

  • I will recommend using the latest version of Python, when you install Python please verify which version of Python you are using.

python -m pip –version

  • Another thing is that you need to use -m to install any libraries or packages

python -m pip install package_name

  • you can use any package manager, that will manage your environments as well as the package. I will reocmend to use conda.


In this post, different causes I shared with you that may cause pip-related errors. You need to read it and apply it in your system to get the error solved. Also, I have shared a step-by-step solution flow with good practices to follow to avoid such errors.

Good News!

Finally, Faisal Zamir published a Python tutorials Page where you can learn complete Python from beginners to advanced levels with examples, video courses, practices, etc. On that Python tutorials page, you can ask any question related to Python programming in the comment box to get answer!

Additional Resources

You didn’t like this article? What you did do to solve your issue after reading this article? You need to find any other best solution which will fix your issue related to ‘pip is not recognized as an internal or external command’.

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What does the error “Python ‘pip’ is not recognized as an internal or external command” mean?

It means that you want to run a pip command (installing or uninstalling packages etc) or want to execute any command that needs to execute pip files. While executing a pip file, the interpreter is unable to detect its files or does not have any permission to execute the pip file.

What are the causes, due to that pip is not recognized error is generated?

Different causes may be involved for example old version of PIP, not managing the PIP path properly, not having permission to execute its files, etc.

If I delete the PIP then?

When you delete the PIP library in Python language, you will get the same error pip is not recognizing and you will not be able to run pip commands like installing any libraries or uninstalling them.

Would you assist me with problem-solving?

Yes, If you have any problem related to Python, you can share your error with details and a screenshot in the comment section, and you will get a response as soon as possible.

Still not fixing the “pip is not recognized” error?

If you have tried to fix the pip is not recognized the error but failed to fix it, then don’t worry, you can share your strategy in the comment section, and we will reach out and try to help you. I can understand your efforts and struggle but there may be some other causes due to which this issue is raising but you do not need to worry.

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