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Python Course Beginner to Advanced at Udemy is Published Now!

Prerequisite for this Course

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Outline for the Course

Chapter 01

What is Advanced Python?

What you can  learn in Advanced Python

Why learn Advanced Python?

Chapter 02

Introduction to functional programming

Lambda functions

Map, filter, and reduce functions

Generators and iterators (Yields and Next function)


Chapter 03

Introduction to OOP

Classes and Objects

Data member and member function

self keyword

Constructor and Destructor

Inheritance and types

super keyword


Access specifiers

Chapter 04

What is a regular expression

Regular expression in python

Where to use regular expression

Special Sequences



Chapter 05

What is a Database and DBMS

Why need of database

Different libraries and modules connect to a database

Setup Environment

Setting up the connection to a database

Create a Database and Table

CRUD operations (Insert, select, update delete)

Where clause


Chapter 06

Introduction to input and output operations

Reading (Input) and writing (Output)

Reading CSV file and Writing to it

Reading Excel file and Writing to it

Reading JSON file and Writing to it

Chapter 07

Introduction to popular Python libraries and frameworks






Chapter 08

What is web scraping and why is it important?

Overview of Python libraries for web scraping

Setting up the environment for web scraping

Overview Web page Structure (HTML and CSS)

Installing and setting up Beautiful Soup

Web scraping techniques using Beautiful Soup

Students’ Feeback and Review

screenshort karo yahan udemy walay review

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