Why it is important to learn python coding for beginners

Necessary to learn Python coding for beginners

In this comprehensive article, I want to share content about reasons to start learning Python as a beginner and I have approved why it is necessary to learn Python coding for beginners with different reasons, examples, etc. has a wide range of usage in the field of development.

Faisal Zamir why important Python programming

Python coding for beginners or newcomers is also necessary because it’s the trend and with high scope in the field of development due to the artificial intelligence revolution. Here, I have discussed everything about its importance for beginners, advantages, benefits, etc.

New developers and their first programming language

In this session, I will focus on knowing about the first programming language for a new developer. I did not need to develop because he is not a developer but learning programming language first time, but I will not be afraid to call him a developer.

So if the learner has decided to learn Python programming as his first language, I will say that his decision is correct as it is an easy and simple programming language with syntax. For example, when you learn C or C++, it has a complex and complicated syntax that becomes difficult for newer learners to understand.

Beginners are making excuses!

Here I did not want to say every beginner in the field of development makes the excuse that Programming especially Python is difficult. But there are many beginners / fresh and with zero experience saying that programming is so difficult because it has some math that is more difficult than programming.

I will suggest they try Python programming from a stretch it will become their favorite programming language and you will be an expert in this language. In the below discussion, you will learn its importance, your mind will be clear at the end of the article where everything is mentioned related to the Python programming language’s importance.

Introduction to Python Programming

I am excited to share everything necessary for new students or those who want to enter Python programming. I want to say that Python is the tool or technology used to provide instruction to computer systems, that computer systems can do according to your proposed instructions.

why need to learn Python

In our simple language, you can say that Python is a computer language that has some rules and rules to write a statement that is given to a computer to do something. You can follow its official website to download and Install it on your system, then set it to an integrated development environment (IDE) like Visual Studio code to write Python code.

If you want to know more about Python, here are Python tutorials where everything is discussed about its fundamental concepts as well as advanced concepts, support, other resources, video courses, FAQ section, etc.

Versatility and Ubiquity of Python

It has been approved that everywhere in the field of development, you find it. The reason is that it is an easy and simple programming language that has rich libraries to achieve any programming goals. If we discuss its scope, I will tell you, that for every platform that provides courses, Python will be the top course on any platform.

Like Udemy, you will find that Python is the top course that is demanded by students and there are a high number of courses available. Different companies like Google, Facebook, IBM, etc., are using Python in their special projects.

It means that this language has the power and ability to do unique things that cannot be achieved using other programming languages like PHP, C++, etc. Another thing is that I have listened in different ways, several institutes are providing Python learning subjects in their outlines. That is amazing and a good step for the education system.

Career Opportunities with Python Skills

I am here to share the advantages of starting with Python for newcomers and to make them aware of the career opportunities for beginners if they learn the Python language.

Yes, you can find different jobs, work, and businesses, in different ways with Python. As I know, many platforms offer Python jobs at an entry-level or fresh, if you are a beginner or a new Python programmer, that will be a perfect job for you.

Python Career and its scope

If you do not want to get any industry job, then you can start your work at home, different ideas I can share with you. For example, if you know Python, you can start teaching by writing lessons for users and uploading them to your website, many users interact with your blog. After some time, you can convert your users into revenue and earnings.

There is another career opportunity you can build up if you create an account on Udemy to sell your created courses on Python and become a Python instructor. I share different benefits of learning Python for beginners as you can earn money and make your career if you follow my provided ideas.

Python’s Role in Various Industries

You know that I want to open discussions to expose the benefits to beginners if they learn Python programming. Things I have discussed, but in this section, I want to share something about its uses in different industries.

In software industries where different software, systems, applications, and websites are developing, their major tool is Python. When you search on the internet for Python in the industry, you will find that big companies are using it in their projects. They hire Python developers paying the highest salary packages due to their advancement and strong relationship with AI.

Importance of Automation and Scripting in Today’s World

Again and again, I am emphasizing to beginners that they must learn Python programming language because, in today’s world of AI and automation, everything is converting into automated systems. It is the need of every person who wants to implement automation.

Everyone wants to improve their business, throughput, working, etc., and using automation systems we can achieve these goals.

Here is a Video Lecture in which you will understand how Python works on automation: In this video working on audio is discussed with Python.

For example, if you want to launch an automated system that will filter your email for spamming and auto-response to your clients. Another example I want to give is for a chatbot. You can develop a chatbot and integrate it into your website to manage your clients’ different questions and answers.

This is another video in which working on an image is discussed with Python programming:

It will work like a support section that is the automation system. After understanding these examples, you may understand the reasons why Python is essential for newcomers.

Python’s Contribution to Data Science and Analytics

I am here to share key reasons for beginners or newer who want to learn Python programming. Different reasons I have discussed; one of them is that it highly contributes to the field of data science and analytics. These are the top fields in this period as everything needs a data scientist to manage data in such a way that it’s possible to extract information.

These are the reasons that become necessary to learn Python coding for beginners as well as newer ones who want to enter the field of programming.

Data science is a field in which different skills have to be learned; one of the major skills is Python programming as it has important libraries that can help achieve data science goals for processing bulk data to extract required information.

Building a Strong Foundation in Programming Concepts

There are many other programming languages like C, C++, PHP, and Java, but our main goal is to make beginners aware of the importance of Python. If you learn it, there are many advantages in the field of development. So, when you learn it completely from start to end, it will make your programming foundation strong as other languages are similar to each other.

make a foundation in programming at tilaab

You do not need to give the same attention to every language. When you learn Python properly, it will become easy to understand other languages. Hence, at the beginner level, you will be able to understand other languages as well.

Enhancing Problem-Solving and Logical Thinking Skills

Do you know the importance of Python education for beginners? If not, then I am sharing it with you. You should know that you can solve different daily-based problems with Python programming.

Recently, I created a YouTube channel where I provided different problems and their solutions with Python programming, like removing the background with Python, converting different files into another, and downloading YouTube videos with Python. So, every problem you can solve with Python coding.

Here are the importance and recommendations for learning Python coding for beginners. As you know, without logical thinking, you cannot solve any problems with programming. Python provides solutions for solving any single problem as it has different libraries to achieve any single task.

Community Support and Resources for Python Learners

It is important for anything to have support and different resources because, without support, you can face problems and technical issues. If you are a beginner student, you need to learn Python as it has community support for everyone.

Serial No. Resource Type Website / Author
1 Automate the Boring Stuff with Python Book Al Sweigart (Author)
2 Python Crash Course Book Eric Matthes (Author)
3 DataCamp Interactive Learning Platform Jonathan Cornelissen (CEO), Rumen Bosevski, Tiago Garcia, Nikolaj Bachev (Co-founders)
4 Codecademy: Learn Python 3 Interactive Learning Platform Zach Sims (CEO), Ryan Bubinski (Co-founder)
5 The Official Python Tutorial Documentation Guido van Rossum (Python Creator)

For example, you can join its official support on python.org and other social groups. Many Python-related groups support beginner guys and newcomers in learning Python because groups contain serious developers who post important Python coding-related information, comments on beginner posts to answer, etc.


Here, I have included content that is specifically on the topic of why beginners should learn Python coding nowadays because it is important in the field of digital development. Everything I have shared in this article. As you have read it, what do you want to say about this information?

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Why need to learn Python?

Python become necessary for every developer to run due to its simplicity, open source, ease of learning and writing code, having more powerful libraries for cutting-edge technologies like AI, etc. These are the reasons it becomes necessary to learn Python language for everyone interested in development.

How long does it typically take to learn Python coding for beginners?

Mostly, it depends upon the student’s level of catching the teacher’s lecture, sometime students may take 3 months or 2 months to get the full concept of fundamentals of Python coding concepts. If a student does not know any fundamental concepts of coding then it may take more than 3 months or 6 months to become a good Python code writer as a beginner.

Is there any recommended course by the author?

Yes, Faisal Zamir is the Instructor who has more than 8 years of experience teaching, and he is the top-rated instructor on Udemy teaching different programming languages including Python at the top of the list. Here is the Udemy account where you can enroll in his Python courses.

What do I have to learn after Python beginner-level coding?

To learn Python coding for beginners is the first step you have to follow but after learning Python beginner-level coding, you need to learn advanced-level coding with Python like OOP concepts, regular expression, functional programming, memory management, web scrapping, Python with AI, and machine learning, deep learning, etc. If you are interested here is the Advanced Python programming, you can your enrollment.

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