Download Python Programming Lecture Notes PPT

Download Complete Python Programming Lecture Notes PPT

Python is a computer programming/coding language that is free with easy syntax, and simple to beginners to start their coding journey. If you are looking for complete Python programming lecture Notes in PPT format, then here you will get.

In this article, I shared a link where you can download complete Python Programming lecture Notes in PPT format.

Python Programming Lecture Notes

I have completed the Python video course (Core and Advanced level), their study materials I want to share it with you here free of cost. These study materials have PPT slides with proper animation and style. I included theoretical concepts as well as proper coding examples.

Importance of Python Programming

I will discuss Python programming slides downloading method, and PPT slides, and share Python help and other study materials with you but here I want to discuss the importance of Python programming language for beginners.

In this period of the world where every system is converting to a digital system, Python is the fundamental element in this conversion. Python is the computer programming language that has the power and ability to develop any type of system from simplest to AI-based systems.

Download Python Notes and its importance

There are different areas where you can use Python programming language like web development, Game development, and AI-based systems like computer vision, machine learning, deep learning, language processing, etc.  Due to these reasons, it becomes necessary for a programmer who doesn’t know about Python, to learn Python language.

These are the points, due to which Python became a necessary programming language to learn:

  • Versatility
  • Digital Transformation
  • Web Development
  • Game Development
  • AI-based Systems
  • Community Support
  • Career Opportunities
  • Ease of Learning
  • Future-proofing Skills
  • Scalability
  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • Extensive library ecosystem
  • Interactivity and rapid prototyping
  • Data analysis and visualization capabilities
  • Automation of repetitive tasks
  • Integration with other languages and systems

Why do you need Python lecture materials?

This is the question I asked you, why do you need Python study materials? Your answer may be like, you need these study materials to learn more about Python if you are currently learning Python. There may be other answers from different readers or students.

But don’t worry I will provide you complete study materials for Python in PPT slide format, which makes it easy for everyone to read and practice with coding.  I am waiting for your answer, please give it in the comment section.

Benefits of Notes and Study Materials

I am sharing Complete Python course slides including Core Python concepts as well as advanced Python programming concepts. In this section, I defined what are the benefits of Python training materials when you download it.

1. Enhanced Learning:

If you are learning Python from any place, that may be limited knowledge, but with notes and other study materials, you can enhance your learning and clear difficult concepts.

2. Self-paced Learning:

When you have, study materials for Python, you will be allowed to learn or read at any time you want.

3. Practice Opportunities:

These Python Notes (PPT) will help you understand Python theoretical concepts as well as it Include practice exercises with their solution and also Python concepts with coding examples.

4. Comprehensive Coverage:

These Python study materials, you will get, not only basic Python but also it is included advanced Python concepts with coding examples.

5. Clear Explanations:

In these study materials, I used easy language with easy-to-understand examples, that became easy for everyone to understand.

6. Reference Material:

Study materials serve as valuable references for students to revisit concepts and refresh their knowledge as needed. Sometime you need to revise your lecture through reading study materials and source code, it become easy to understand difficult concepts.

Why Use PPT Format for Python Lecture Notes?

As I am sharing Python notes with PPT (PowerPoint format) as study materials, there may be different reasons to share the PPT format. One of them is, that we can make modifications easily in PPT slides, including shapes, creating visual items, diagrams, inserting tables, images, slides, recording, etc. Due to these reasons, I selected a PPT slide to write Python notes and share with you!

Overview of the Contents Covered in the Lecture Notes

These are the topics that are covered in the PPT slides, which you can download easily from this website. In the PPT slide, there are Python core concepts as well as advanced Python programming with source code for your practice.

Serial Number Python Concept Example Video Lectures
1 Variables and Data Types Yes Available
2 Operators Yes Available
3 Control Flow (if statements, loops) Yes Available
4 Functions Yes Available
5 Data Structures (lists, tuples, dictionaries) Yes Available
6 Exception Handling Yes Available
7 Modules and Packages Yes Available
8 What is Advanced Python? Yes Available
9 Introduction to Functional Programming Yes Available
10 Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming Yes Available
11 Regular Expressions Yes Available
12 Database and DBMS Yes Available
13 Input and Output Operations Yes Available
14 Popular Python Libraries and Frameworks Yes Available
15 Web Scraping Yes Available


How to Access and Download the Lecture Notes

Now, this is the section, where I will share a link, just visit that link to access Python study materials in PPT slide format. This is the Google Drive link, where I uploaded these Python PPT slides for you guys, to visit, login, and download. This Google Drive like will contain one folder that contains two zip files ( Master in Python in 99 days for core concepts and Advanced Python programming concepts).

Download Now Python Study Materials


After downloading Python Notes, you can check, if there are any missing files, you can inform me, and I will provide you!

Additional Resources and Support for Python Programming Education

If you want to learn more Python programming language, I can share more video courses (free and paid) with proper outlines for the course. There are different courses I created on Udmey, you can enroll in that course to learn more. Get Python Video Courses

Faisal zamir video courses on Python

If you want to prepare your exam based on Python, I have a course, in which approximately, 500 MCQs are created, you can attempt that MCQs to clear and understand difficult concepts based on Python. Get Python-based MCQ courses

Python MCQs courses by Faisal Zamir

In this blog, I have written a complete Python tutorials article, you can read this article to learn Python from basic to advanced concepts with examples. In this article, I discussed different topics of Python, including Python handwritten books for understating Python concepts just by reading a book.

Python Study Materials on Gumroad

I have also created an account on Gumroad to share different programming language-related study materials in PDF or zip format. Zip format contains PPT slide notes as well as Source code. You can download from this link any study materials you want:

Download other study materials on Gumroad


In this article, I have discussed, that Python is a vital programming language for beginners to develop different types of digital products from simple to AI-based. The most important thing, I shared a link for downloading Python study materials (PPT) for students free of cost.

Here, I would like to share a video lecture as a simple demo for which I will provide study material in PPT format: This video lecture is taken from a complete Python core programming course. This lecture contain how you can create a website with Python programming, to learn more about Python concepts (core and advanced) you can follow our Python courses.


Can I learn Python by watching your video course?

Yes, I have video courses for a Python Core concept and an Advanced Python course on Udemy. Make your enrollment to learn Python with examples.

Which language do I have to learn first, Python or C++?

You can start to learn coding with your first language is Python. It may be possible that you have to start with C++ because it contains many fundamental concepts, programming basic structures, etc.

Are these study materials free?

Yes, these Python Programming Lecture Notes PPT, you can download as free.

Can I get Python study materials in PDF format?

No, I am providing these Python lecture notes in PPT format. You can convert these PPT slides into PDFs online.

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